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Assistantships are usually provided to the graduate level students. There are three types of Assistantships:
Teaching Assistantship (TA),
Research Assistantship (RA),
and Graduate Assistantship (GA).

Usually, the RAs help professors with their research project. The TAs helps professor in teaching or grading. The GAs helps with some work at the department. The assistantship could be quarter time or half time. Students who get half time assistantship have to work for twenty hours a week for which they get paid, and on top of that they get free health insurance and their tuition and fees is waived (they only have to pay for the in-state tuition and fees). Students having quarter time assistantships have to work for ten hours a week and they get paid for those ten hours of work. Quarter time assistants donít get any waiver on their tuition and fees.


International Leadership Class

Center for Student Life offers ten or more merit-based scholarships for academically outstanding international students who show potential for leadership growth. ILC members must maintain full-time status and are required to attend class which is every other Friday. Students will receive $500.00/semester waiver towards their tuition fees. Graduate students who have half time assistantship will not be able to benefit this scholarship.

International Student Emergency Relief Scholarship

International Advisory Committee (IAC) offers one to two need-based scholarships each year. It is for the applicants who face financial need as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In order to qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be graduating within three semesters. There are few other criterions that need to be met to get this scholarship.


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International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services is responsible for advising all international students at the University of Oklahoma. Itís the place where the international students can get answers to all their queries related to immigration issues, status maintaining issues, visa issues and rules and regulations. At the beginning of each semester they organize a mandatory orientation program which helps a lot. More